Thursday, April 5, 2012


The students had a ton of fun doing the activity. They really enjoyed inferring about each piece of evidence and working as a group. I told the class at the beginning of the lesson that we would be recording on the IPAD for our voicethread. I also informed them that I would be looking for two students from each group that were making the right descisions to come and record. The students seem to take it as a challenge and tried really hard to stay on task so they could be the ones to record. I havent showed them the full finished voice thread yet but I cannot wait to see their faces when they see it.

What worked well:
The students really enjoyed recording on the IPAD because alot of the students had not been able to use a IPAD before. They really did good with recording on their own and were doing a great job of going in and rerecording if they thought they messed up. Having the students read over what they were going to read a couple of times before recording seemed to help them not be so nervous. I really liked using the IPAD because I was able to upload the pictures right then and there.

What I would change for next time:
I wish I would have had what they need to say written out before they recorded so I was not rewriting it for every group.  Next time I want to try it on multiple computers so that the students will be able to record at the same time, instead of one group at a time.

Here is the finished voicethread that my 1st graders did:

Full Screen Voice Thread

Your Challenge:

1. How would you enhance this voicethread interactive activity through vertical or horizontal spiraling curriculum?

2. Could we use parts of the documents that we have to create another voicethread?

While I was looking through my class mates different voicethread I stopped at three to comment on their  blogs. Laura's voicethread came out so cute and I liked how she involved all her students in some way.

TIE Blog 1

For my FS1 lesson I have decided to do it over Inferences. The lesson will start with a story about a little boy named Tim and his Grandma Sue on their snow day at home. The story is told from the moms point of view on what evidence she found at the house and asks that the students be "Inference Investigators" to help her find out what Tim and Grandma did that day. My first graders will be given four pieces of evidence and will have to infer as a group what they think Tim and his Grandma Sue did on that day. When each group is done they will record their evidence and inferences on voicethread on a IPAD. I am still trying to tweek a few things for the lesson but for the most part I know what I will do. Here are some of my plans for the lesson already:


Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Inteligences


Lesson Plan

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In class today our group created a VoiceThread. In my group was myself, Carey, Mindy and Christina. Our topic was over "Life Coping Skills". The first slide was a picture of Carey and her dog the caption was "Get a Friend". Mindy, Christina and I commented on her picture with "text". The second picture was one I picked and it was a quote about what to do when times get stressfull. Some examples are Go for Long Walks, Take Long Baths, Count your Blessins and Just Let Go. There were three text comments on this picture. The third slide Mindy put up a picture of food that had smiley faces on them. The caption on this picture was "Smile", There were 3 text comments and I commented with a video. The last picture was another quote and there was one text comment.

I really enjoyed doing this VideoThread, it showed how fun doing these threads will be in the classroom. Here is our VoiceThread....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Technology Intergration Experience (TIE) Thoughts

I really enjoyed watchinng Courtney Barrington's voicethread. I could definetley do something like this in my first grade class. I liked that she had the children read their sentence about what they were thankful for. It gives the children a sense of ownership because they can come back and watch the voicethread and feel good about their work. I also liked that she didnt show the children's faces and just showed the picture they drew and the sentence they wrote. The other voicethread I watched was Mariselda Moreno's Exploring Bodies of Water. I really liked that she did her lesson in groups and the chidlren were all reading what they found out about the different types of water. None of the students feel left out when they all get to read together in a group. I also enjoyed that she would ask a question about what kind of body of water they were talking about and asked for an example of one. The students were to go into the voice thread and type in a example of a body of water. One thing I dont think I would do would be to add a video on the side of the main voicethread, I think I would of just kept it with the main picture of the body of water, the voices and the question.